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TELLURIC LLC is an oil and natural gas exploration company with drilling operations located in Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

Our business objective is to acquire leases in known productive regions, and in conjunction with utilizing the latest cutting edge technology, we mitigate risks and thereby accumulate oil and gas reserves at a lower cost. This strategy results in higher returns for our partners.

The company offers turnkey oil and gas investment opportunities through direct participation programs. These opportunities enable partners to participate in the potential cash flow and unique tax benefits associated with oil and gas investments. Especially important in today’s economy, oil and gas investments allow partners to diversify and reinforce their portfolios with a commodity that is in steady demand. In addition, partners have the opportunity to play a key role in promoting our country’s energy independence from foreign oil through domestic drilling programs.

Telluric has a specific business model that:

  • focuses on oil and gas reserves in proven productive areas
  • requires that Telluric Technology and Gamma Ray Technology both validate the potential of production and multiple pay objectives per well
  • develops financial feasibility model that must show gross cash on cash potential in 18 months or less

These fundamental requirements must be met before Telluric LLC considers the purchase of the lease.

Our strategy is to break away from the mold of current day promoters and broker/dealers. This strategy creates direct relationships between the oil and gas company and the partners, whether those partners are industry or non-industry entities. We are able to accomplish this by acquiring our own leases, operating the wells directly with our management team and partners, and—most importantly—offering a quality project at the lowest possible cost.

In today's energy market, it is imperative to have consistency and honesty. Telluric LLC represents integrity, longevity and a positive image in the oil drilling industry, where good faith, honesty and partners merge. When creating our investor partnerships, our success is tied together and our commitment is to maximize the return for each partner on each well we drill together. This forthright approach establishes a solid foundation for developing trusted relationships, and in turn has created an investor pool with a majority invested in mutiples of our wells.

Executive and Operations Team

Todd R. Teich

President & Founder, has been involved in the oil and gas industry for nearly two decades, having worked closely with Nick Takton for almost 15 years during which he gained valuable insight and developed an in-depth understanding of oil exploration. An avid investor with a financial background, he recognized the tax advantages energy investing can offer, leading to his desire to become a part of a thriving industry first as an investor and now at the helm of Telluric. His forward thinking vision has found ongoing success and his mission is to keep America on track to US Energy Independence.

Todd C. Franck

General Counsel and VP Sales, has been licensed as an attorney since 1993 and has successfully operated numerous endeavors over the past 20 years, bringing a vast array of knowledge from multiples of industries. His resourceful nature and strong interpersonal skills are crucial in building enduring relationships at all levels for long term growth. Having negotiated and dealt with fortune 500 companies to heads of state, his diverse background and legal experience coupled with his entrepreneurial mindset and intuition are invaluable for continued expansion and development opportunities.

Larry R. Burroughs

Petroleum Engineer and Senior Geologist, began his career working on oil drilling rigs in 1956 throughout the US and Canada. Thereafter he was promoted to Field Engineer, responsible for drilling, completion and production. By 1960 he was recognized as a Petroleum Engineer and tasked with designing water flood systems for secondary recovery oil projects, along with the design and installation of natural gas lines and compressor stations. Through innovative water, steam and fire flood methods, along with huff & puff steam systems, he has become a known expert in oil recovery.

William A. "Sonny" Johnson

Field Operations Expert, has over 20 years of oil and gas experience, having owned and managed several well drilling and servicing subsidiaries. His knowledge is unsurpassed in handling all required regulatory duties for producing properties, having been intricately involved in all aspects of the oil and natural gas spectrum from geological evaluation to drilling, completions and ongoing production. Yields from wells exceed expectations as a result of his keen insight.

Dwaine Abraham

Senior and Consulting Geologist (Barnett Ranch), began his illustrious career in 1978 with Texaco U.S.A. following his graduation from Northern Illinois University with an M.S. in Geology. As a Senior Staff Geologist from 1980 - 2002 for Mitchell Energy, widely regarded as the pioneer of shale development, he played an intricate role in the innovative team that improved fracking technology and helped usher in a global change and shift in the energy industry. An award winning geologist, Mr. Abraham proposed the first 35 Barnett Shale wells for Mitchell, and proposed and drilled over 300 oil and gas wells in his storied tenure. His knowledge is unrivaled in the industry and his experience is indispensable, adding an unmatched level of expertise.


Play a key role in promoting our country’s energy independence.

Oil + Gas + Partnerships = Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Certain tax benefits may be available to those investing in an oil and gas partnership. The following is for general information only and should not be relied upon without consulting your tax advisor.

No. 1


Many, if not most, of the expenses incurred to drill, test, and complete an oil or gas well are deductible for federal income tax purposes. The deduction includes expenditures for drilling rig rental, wages, fuel, supplies, repairs and many other costs incurred for non-salvageable equipment and services necessary for drilling a well and preparing it for production. At the election of the partner, intangible drilling costs can either be deducted in the year they are paid or amortized over sixty months. IRC Sections 263(c), 59(e), and Treasury Regulation Sections 1.612-4 and 1.612-5.

No. 2


The costs of most salvageable equipment placed in service by a partnership will be recovered through depreciation deductions over a seven-year period. Accelerated methods are used until the straight line method would generate a larger amount at which time the partnership switches. IRC Section 168(b) and (c).

No. 3


For independent producers, such as individual investors in an oil and gas partnership, the Internal Revenue Code provides a percentage deduction for depletion. This percentage depletion deduction is in addition to the deduction for cost depletion available to all producers. Subject to certain limitations, the percentage deduction is generally 15% of the gross income produced by the oil and gas well. Additionally, in the case of marginal producing oil and gas wells and based upon a reference price of oil and gas provided by the IRS, the deduction can be as high as 25% of gross well income. IRC Sections 611, 613, 613A(c)(6).

No. 4


Historically, certain costs incurred for geological or geophysical analysis were not deductible. After recent legislation, these costs are now deductible over a 24-month period. IRC Section 167(h).

No. 5


For independent producers, such as investors in an oil and gas partnership, the Internal Revenue Code allows each partnership to deduct their share of each well’s intangible drilling cost (IDC) and depletion deductions to reduce the partner’s alternative minimum taxable income (AMTI). Under current law, so-called “excess intangible drilling costs” may not reduce AMTI by more than 40%. Nevertheless, an investment in an oil and gas partnership can reduce a partner’s AMT liability. IRC Section 57(a)(2)(E).

No. 6


The Internal Revenue Code does not include a working interest in any oil or gas property under the definition of passive activity as long as the general partner holds the property outside of any entity under which state law limits the taxpayer’s liability. IRC Section 469(c)(3)(A). Because the general partner is allowed to treat the initial losses as non-passive, any income generated by the well is also treated as non-passive. IRC Section 469(c)(3)(B).

No. 7


Amounts paid during the current year for drilling an oil or gas well are deductible in the current year if paid on or before December 31 and if drilling operations commence before the close of the 90th day after the close of the partnership’s tax year. IRC Section 461(i)(2)(A).

No. 8


If the published IRS reference price for natural gas is less than $2 per mcf (1,000 cubic feet) or less than $18 per barrel for oil, a tax credit of up to 50¢ per mcf or up to $3 per barrel of domestic oil production may be available to an independent producer. IRC Sections 38 and 45I.

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